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JULIANNE AKNIN Sunday August 25, 2019
Just tried some from the bosses bag. NICE!!!!! So glad it is available one county over.
From: Cairo, GA
Eric Mercer Sunday August 25, 2019
These are the absolute BEST snack I have ever tatsed! I was very happy to hear they were produced here in Freeport! One of our clients gave these to us in a Christmas Basket. All I can say is WOW! I plan on telling EVERYONE about this product! Excellent Job Veronica! Thanks! Wagz Boutiques
From: Freeport, Florida
Julia Sweatt Sunday August 25, 2019
Love your mix. I had it with Alex and Katherine this morning on our steel oats.
From: Buford, Ga
Lisa & Jerome Sunday August 25, 2019
We were happily introduced to this gourmet snack in Seaside, Florida at Modica Market. Not only does it look good in the package, but Wow! This mix is fantastic and worth every penny. Great quality and taste and the fact that it is healthy is a great bonus, too. Shelf life is amazing, but no worries there as it won't last that long - maybe, just the empty bag!!!
From: Houston, TX
Prats Thursday June 14, 2018
Just bought my first packet of the health crunch at Wegmans super market - I am hooked! Great taste and textures...finished a whole packet in one sitting :)
From: United States
Mandy Baker Thursday June 14, 2018
I picked up a bag of your delicious bag of heaven at Modica Market this morning. Your heath crunch is the best lip smacking recipe Iíve ever had. I shared it with the ladies I work with and they all agreed 100% best ever! Keep up the beautiful recipe!!! Mandy
From: Seagrove
Wanda Weathersby Thursday June 14, 2018
Hello, tried your Health Crunch today and the taste is wonderful. Definitely plan to purchase soon, either from your website or the Hair Salon Shop that has the smaller bags at their store. Yummy!
From: Colorado
Jerry Lynch Thursday June 14, 2018
WOW !! Great to take on my long bike rides. Riding from coast to coast in Ireland next year. I'll have my nuts with me, HA HA !! Past Race Director, Ironman Florida, Gulf Coast Triathlon...
From: St. Andrews, FL
Stephanie Cook Thursday June 14, 2018
I discovered VHC at Wegmans in Charlottesville VA. I routinely stopped there on my to visit my daughter in Richmond to get my "fix" is my special treat. Now she is moving to FL and I was disheartened because my trips through Charlottesville would soon end-THANKFULLY I found your website and have ordered a hefty supply :) VHC is my absolute favorite treat!!
From: Tennessee
Margie Thursday June 14, 2018
I purchased two bags of health crunch at the Rosemary Beach farmers market. Very delicious ! Glad I will be able to purchase on line.
From: Ellijay Ga
Jane Stegall Friday February 23, 2018
We LOVE your health crunch!!! I bought it at Wegman's yesterday, snacked on some as I drove home, and then shared with my husband and son - it's gone, in less than 24 hours! So very delicious! I'm so happy I discovered it at Wegman's!! Will definitely be purchasing it regularly now.
From: Shrewsbury, PA
Christa Meeks Friday February 23, 2018
I purchased a bag at Modica Market in Seaside last weekend. All I can say is DELICIOUS! Any chance you could get Fresh Market in Ridgeland MS to carry your product???
From: Ridgeland, MIssissippi
Deborah McFarlin Friday February 23, 2018
I found this amazing snack at the Juice Bar in Mt.Juliet TN. We love it and so do my grand kids. Thank you for sharing.
From: Tennessee
Meredith Gibbs Sunday December 14, 2014
We are vacationing in Rosemary Beach/Inlet Beach FL and visited the farmers market and found your Health Crunch. One word: WOW!!!!! This is by far the best nutty snack EVER. How is it both moist and crunchy? Sweet and salty?? How can we get this in Orlando? I'd love to sell it for you at our Farmers market. Seriously. It's amazing!
From: Orlando
Molly Lindsey Sunday December 14, 2014
Love, Love the crunch. A friend bought me some from Destin. I am addicted.
From: Slaughter, La
Cynthia Garner Sunday December 14, 2014
This is the absolute best Healthy Crunch product I've ever eaten! I plan to order some to give as Christmas gifts and to serve to guests. Great product. Wish I could buy it locally.
From: Moulton, Alabama
Laura Sturgis Sunday December 14, 2014
Would love to see a Veronica Health Crunch with small chunks of dark chocolate! :) YUMMY!
From: Cantonment, FL
Carol McCormick Sunday December 14, 2014
I love your health crunch. It is delicious!
From: Charlotte
susan Sunday December 14, 2014
your health crunch is the most delicious one we've ever had. Thank you for a wonderful product!
Patricia Perano Sunday December 14, 2014
I simply LOVE your health crunch. I noticed it at the Apple Market and it looked so appeaing and wonderful nuts yet with a unique and delicious flavor. I am hooked. Keep in mimd I am not big on healthy things to keep in my purse when I am out but this has now become a permanet healthy snack to keep me going and in my purse aand cubards at all times. I guarantee you wont be disappointed. Thank you for the great healthy snack. Now I have gone nuts! Sincerely Patricia Pensacola, Fl.
From: Pencacola, Fl.
Joy Shepard Thursday September 26, 2013
Just wanted to let you know that your Nuts will be traveling with me all the way to Nepal in November as my snack of choice for the Everest Base Camp Trek! I hope to see you guys again at the Country Music Marathon Expo this coming April! Thanks!!!!
Jan VanDeusen Tuesday June 25, 2013
I was so glad to find you at Seaside's farmer's market last Feb. I can't get enough of your healthy crunch! I hope to find Veronica's soon at Whole Foods around Philly!
From: Lancaster, PA
Anita Etheridge Tuesday June 25, 2013
I stopped by your booth to taste your product at the Music City Expo on Thursday, 4/25/13, for the upcoming Half Marathon which will take place on Saturday, 4/26/13. I must say, your health crunch gluten free nuts are wonderful. I stepped away from your booth, but was immediately drawn back to purchase a bag. Thanks for such a great product. You should consider placing them here in our whole foods stores. Thanks again. I will be ordering more.
From: Nashville, TN
Elizabeth Clemons Wednesday May 1, 2013
I have eaten a lot of 'health crunch" mixes in my life...suffered through some that tasted like cardboard, smiled through others that tasted pretty good, but oh my goodness, this crunch is heavenly. I am addicted to the stuff. Sign me up as devotee. I just hope it is healthy. If not.....oh well.... gonna eat it anyway and enjoy every mouthful. LOVE IT!!!!!!
From: website comment from JW Renfroe Pecan Co.