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'Like' our page on FB to register for our monthly drawing of a FREE 1.5 lb bag of Veronica's Health Crunch.
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Diane Monday September 24, 2012
I recently discovered your product at Everman's in Pensacola. I LOVE this health crunch. I'm a recently diagnosed diabetic and this product makes a really wonderful in- between- meal and after- exercise snack for me that is low in carbs, high in nutrition and protein. I love the light sweetness with a touch of salt. Thanks so much for making this! It's awesome!
From: Pensacola
Amy Monday September 17, 2012
Hi Veronica, I enjoy your crunch at Ladies Night Event Marni Sumbal spoke at. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted and when I went back for more it was gone! Luckily enought I had your business card and order a couple small bags a few days later. My training partner and good friend just recently moved to Nashville, so I am surprising her with a bag and know she will love it as much as I do.
From: Jacksonville
Unnamed Soldier Tuesday August 21, 2012
Wow, what a treat to have you send all those bags to us over here in Afghanistan. There was "Um's" and "I'm going to order some for my dad for Christmas" heard all around. This will keep us healthily energized and blood sugar level for weeks to come. Thank you very much.
From: Afghanistan
Heather gollnick (pro triathlete) Tuesday August 7, 2012
Veronica, Thank you so much for sending your health crunch. I absolutelyl love it. As a very health conscious mother and professional triathlete I am always looking for quick easy, great tasting snac options for myself and my family. You hit a home run, it tastes fabulous!!!!
From: Port St Lucie, Fl.
Donna Tuesday July 31, 2012
Veronica! I love your health Crunch! My gym...gym 111 in Delray BEach, FLorida sells it and I am hooked. So are my daughters and anyone that tries it.
From: South Florida
Donna Saturday July 7, 2012
Veronica, i'm hooked, i love your nuts :) I missed you at the Niceville Farmers market today and i need my stash!
From: Niceville, FL
Jean Saturday June 23, 2012
Hi there. I recently tried your health crunch and LOVE it. I bought a bag at a recent Crown Wine shop in Boca Raton. I just finished my bag and I want MORE!!!
From: South Florida
Joanna Tuesday June 12, 2012
Veronica I absolutely love your Health Crunch! I tried it for the first time on Memmorial Day Weekend in Seaside.
From: Texas
Lynn warren Friday June 8, 2012
I bought the Health Crunch at the Music City Marathon expo and my only regret is I didn't buy more. This is awesome!!! I will be ordering, for sure. Thank you for a great snack!!!
From: Nashville, TN
Uebelhor Friday June 8, 2012
I had some friends who had visited the Grayton Beach area rave about this treat and they begged me to bring some back with me...I did and ended up buying two small bags for myself! IT IS AMAZING!!! ADDICTED!! I will be buying more for myself! What a wonderful, fresh and sweet/salty treat!!
From: Jasper, IN
Amy Thursday May 17, 2012
I was fortunate to try your Health Crunch after purchasing some at Seaside while on vacation (along with two other friends who were vacationing with us and are "hooked" on it too!
From: Indiana
Kathy Cole Monday March 26, 2012
Just bought my second large bag of Veronica's health crunch. It is awesome!! I sent one bag to my daughter who is a organic farmer in Asheville,NC. She cannot have gulten,dairy,soy. So this is the perfect munchy treat for her! She loves it. Glad to be able to see you every Saturday at the Seaside market!
From: Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459
Undisclosed soldiers in Afghanistan Wednesday February 29, 2012
The package you sent arrived today without any issues, thanks again for making my special request and for sending it straight to my current location. Your Health Crunch has been a big hit with the boys out here since it's filling, healthy and easy to throw in a cargo pocket.
Cheri (via e-mail) Sunday February 26, 2012
I have tasted many a mix, but yours was AMAZING!! Smart move to put a taste in the goodie bag for the Bluewater Bay Duathlon!!! By far, the best I have ever eaten!!!! Thanks..Cheri
From: Destin
Beth (via e-mail) Sunday February 26, 2012
i bought some a bag of your granola this past week at Modica.... it is the best granola we have had! just shared some with my family( my brother, who is a health nut) and he raved about it. i will definitely be ordering some from you soon. thank you!
From: Mandeville, LA
Adam Thursday February 23, 2012
I love Veronica's Health Crunch, sweet and salty goodness!
From: Gainesville FL
Helen Wednesday February 22, 2012
Love the Health Crunch!!! I met you at the open market in Seaside. I bought 3 bags and am almost out!!! Do you ship? I must admit I am addicted.
From: via e-mail comment
Dori Spaulding Monday February 6, 2012
I bought your Health Crunch at the Double Bridge Run Expo and I can't stop eating it!! So.Very.Delicious.
From: Niceville, FL
S. Friedenfeld Monday January 16, 2012
I bought your Health Crunch at the Famer's Market in Seaside Florida a couple of weeks ago. This the best tasting snack I have ever had. It is simply unbelieveably delicious!!!
From: Seagrove Beach Florida
Jorie from Tennessee Monday January 16, 2012
I can't tell you how much I enjoy your nuts! This may sound strange but I don't even like nuts. I originally got your product as a gift for christmas and I fell in love with it. Thank you so much for creating such an awesome snack!!!
From: via e-mail
E. Ellington Friday November 18, 2011
Like your product, bought it at a craft fair at ReelFoot Lake, TN.
From: Somewhere in Midwest
Lisa Freeman Friday November 18, 2011
Purchased a bag of your addicting crunch at the Reelfoot Lake Craft Fair and loved it. Will be ordering more for sure!
From: Martin, TN
Mary Tuesday August 9, 2011
I got a bag of this for a treat and it is DELICIOUS. I shared it with the folks in the office and now everyone is trying to figure out how to order it. I hope the health part is true, because I have eaten the mix for lunch two days in a row. THanks for helping me to my newest addiction
From: Via Facebook
Sabra Monday August 1, 2011
Just wanted to say, the bag of health crunch I picked up Saturday...just before we had to leave for perfect! I am actually addicted to this amazing concoction you have created.
From: Via E-mail